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Web Menus - Your Final Solution...

Setup your entire CAD Drafting Standard rules in one location on the Internet and use Web Menus to deliver them. Then you are done. Only make updates when required.

Advantages of Using Web Menus...
  • CAD Drafting Standards on the Internet
  • Available to All Having Internet Connection
  • Don't Re-invent the Wheel with Every Project
  • Get More Done in Shorter Period of Time
  • Reduce Project Timelines
  • Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency
  • Nothing to Install - IT Loves it!
  • Increase Productivity
  • Standardize Project Drawings
  • Electronic Extraction of Bill-of-Materials
  • The List Goes On...
All For Pennies Per Hour
Paid For by your Company

Web Menus work with MicroStation © so you must launch your Internet Browser from within the application...