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Let Us Build Your Custom Menu:
Your Web Menu will be customized to your needs and specifications. It is a simple process to post your CAD Standards on the internet and create your very own personalized Web Menu for all of your personnel and consultants to use.

If you are a consultant who works for several companies, just send us the CAD Standards for each of your clients and we will create Web Menus for each of them. You and your designers can be using these Web Menus the same week.

If you are a client and you have many consultants creating CAD drawings for you, simply send us your CAD Standards and we will have your Web Menu up and running within the week. All you have to do is communicate to each of your consultants that they will now access your CAD Standards by going to http://www.gotomymenu.com and selecting your Web Menu - it's that easy!

We will work with your company contact in helping to design the Web Menu that is right for your needs. Primarily, we will need your layering standards complete with color, weight, and line style assignments. Also, we will need any blocks or cell libraries you wish to use.

We will ask specific questions such as "do you want your cells placed relative or absolute"? In short, however you are administering your CAD Standards currently is how we will administer them over the internet using Web Menus.

Please contact us today and see how easy and quick it can be to have your very own personalized Web Page up and running within a week.

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