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What Is A Web Menu?
  • Web Menus are vital in today's world as companies collaborate on enterprise-wide projects. A central repository of your CAD Standards will focus everyone's attention on the first step in successful engineering - the digital drawing file.

  • Your CAD Standards will be posted on the internet in one location. CAD operators and designers access these standards by making selections from the Web Menu - It's that simple. If your CAD Standards are in one location for everyone to use, then all drawings will be standardized.

  • Web Menus eliminate the need for you to distribute CAD Standard manuals showing layer rules and CD's containing symbols. By posting your CAD Standards on the internet, everyone uses your standards from one location only. If you make updates or additions to your CAD Standards, you make them in one location only - on the internet - then everyone has access to your changes immediately.

  • Web Menus do not require downloading or installing software on your computer for you to use them. Your IT department will love this. No worries about conflicts with installed .dll's or versioning problems.

  • When you upgrade to a current version of your CAD Software, you must make sure that all 3rd party CAD software has also been compiled to work with this latest release. If not, then you cannot migrate to this latest version until the companion software has been certified for use. Web Menus are version independent. They will work no matter which version of CAD Software you are using.

  • As the world migrates from Windows XP/7/8 to whatever - you will be required to install recompiled versions of your CAD Software - but not your CAD Standards using Web Menus. The code used in Web Menus is designed to be neutral in all environments - so if your Bentley products run on a MAC, or PC, whether in Windows, MAC, or UNIX - it does not matter. Wherever your CAD Software is running, your CAD Standards will be accessible through the Web Menus.

  • Most CAD-related software is installed on a single computer with a license that restricts its use to that machine only. Since your CAD Standards will be on the internet, you can access them from any computer which has an internet connection - because Web Menus are license independent. Now you can work at home on your drawings and access your CAD Standards over the internet using Web Menus. If your CAD Standards are proprietary then they will be password dependent.

  • Web Menus are user-friendly, logical, and easy to use. They consist primarily of three components: (1) Selecting Layer Rules, (2) Selecting a pre-defined symbol or cell to place and (3) Linking Bid Item Codes to geometry for electronic extraction of Bill of Materials. When a feature such as "Bridge Handrail" is selected, instructions are sent to your CAD application to set the appropriate level, color, thickness, and line style according to your CAD Standards. It then executes the "Place Smartline" command and the designer begins drawing handrails.

  • The time it takes to make the selection and begin drawing is about 2 seconds. When compared to the manual method of locating "Bridge Handrail" in the CAD manual and then setting the layer, color, thickness, and line style and then selecting the "Place Smartline" command (which takes approximately 30 seconds) much time has been saved - and time is money.

  • The time savings for placing a single handrail is about 25 seconds. Not only is time saved, but labor dollars are also saved. When you consider that the average designer will place about 800 pieces of geometry, text, and symbols in a day, the savings in time could be tremendous.

  • If a single task is reduced from 30 seconds to 2 seconds, not only are labor dollars and time saved, but the designer can get to the next task quicker. Web Menus are easy-to-use tools that will allow the designer to get more work done in an 8-hour day. If drawings can now be completed quicker at less cost, that means more profits for the company and schedules can be compressed.

  • Email us today and let us demonstrate how it can work for you.

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