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For MicroStation © Users

    - Decide On Your CAD Drafting Standards
        - Upload Your Standards to the Cloud
            - Use Web Menus to Deliver Them...

Subscribe To Web Menus

A Subscription to Web Menus will provide you with the latest upgrades and support at a price that is un-paralleled in the industry. The subscription price is only pennies per hour. If you are paying a designer $20.00 per hour, isn't it worth paying pennies per hour to ensure your CAD Drafting Standards are being implemented - resulting in standardized drawings.

Can I Have My Own?

Yes you can! For a minimal setup fee, we can create your own Company Web Menus that you can use on all your projects to deliver your entire suite of CAD Drafting Standards. You do not pay for any updates or changes to your Web Menus. They are included in your Subscription fee. Want to know More?
What Is A Web Menu?

A Web Menu is an easy-to-use online interface which contains your CAD Drafting Standards and symbols in one central location on the internet. Simply select a feature and begin drawing. Select a symbol and drag and drop into your drawing. Attach a database to your drawing to electronically extract accurate quantity takeoffs and More...

How Do They Benefit Me?
  • Your CAD Drafting Standards reside on the Internet in a single location
  • Available to All Having an Internet Connection
  • Don't Re-invent the Wheel with Every Project
  • Get More Done in a Shorter Period of Time
  • Reduce Project Timelines
  • Reduce Cost and Improve Efficiency
  • Nothing to Install - Your IT Dept. Will Love it!
  • Increase Productivity
  • Standardize Project Drawings
  • Electronic Extraction of Bill-of-Materials
  • Export Drawings to GIS Applications
  • Use Existing Menus or Create Your Own
  • Link database bid item codes to drawing geometry for electronic extraction of quantities and More...
Begin Using Web Menus Today

You can begin using Web Menus today with the click of a button - And You Don't Pay A Thing! The Subscription to use Web Menus is paid for by your company. Enter your Company's Contact name and phone number in the Sign Up Application and our subscription department will contact them with the details - Its That Easy.

Texas Computer Graphics, Inc. has been a leader and software developer in the MicroStation © Community since 1987. Our Online Subscription provides you with the most up-to-date Service and Support for your CAD Drafting Standards.

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